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2010 - Vancouver - California
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2017 - Vancouver - Canada
2018 - Chile - Patagonia
2017 - Vancouver - Canada
2017 - Vancouver - Toronto 
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2018 - 2019 - U.K. supports the book - thank you for sharing
The book has been enjoying an online presence and media coverage in the UK. As a result it has acquired an audience in many diverse learning areas and age groups.
2019 - North America - Social Media
Mom Blog Society - has selected the book to be included in their 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. Mom Blog Society is one of the top ranked parenting blogs in North America.
After briefly meeting a lady and sharing my high school graduation gift idea of writing a children's book for my son Chance she suggested I publish it for all children to enjoy. Later on I discovered she had worked in the Los Angeles school system as a child psychologist. Her words stayed with me and in 2015 I took her advice and Things That Happen By Chance was published.
I had another perchance meeting with an occupational therapist visiting from Chicago who worked with children with autism. After  reading my book she suggested I try to contact Dr. Temple Grandin at Colorado State University who is a global authority on the autism spectrum and try to send her a copy.  Her belief was that because it was written in pictures children living with autism would find it helpful with  their learning style. As fate would have it I was able to reach, Dr. Grandin and In 2017 she contacted me personally then a few weeks later I received her personal endorsement for the book.
While in Vancouver on a speaking engagement I had the pleasure of meeting  and thanking Dr.  Temple Grandin in person for her endorsement of the book. She is a firm believer in children learning manners and respect at an early age.
The MP for West Vancouver in Ottawa was gracious enough to distribute copies of the book to all of the libraries in her constituency.
A doctor who came across the book while in Vancouver was kind enough to have his charitable foundation donate a large number of copies in 5 languages to the Toronto St. Michael's Hospital Reach Out and Read Literacy Program for inner city children.
I was asked by First Books Canada to speak at an event for HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) hosted by Immigration Services Canada to assist the families of new Canadians.
2018 - Vancouver - Canada
I was invited to attend the 2018 HIPPY (Home instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters) graduation celebration for new Canadians.
The same charitable foundation benefactors again donated a large quantity of books through First Books Canada to elementary schools in both Ontario and BC 
A memorable moment. At a book signing a homeless man read through the entire book. When finished he said “I know this is a children’s book but I sure have met a lot of adults in my life who should read it also”. He then turned and disappeared into the crowd.
After 60 years I was able to reconnect with my favourite teacher from Grade 2. Now a missionary in Chile she helped to edit the  Spanish version and is now sharing it with her students along with fellow teachers and families as far away as Patagonia. 
Currently available in English, (e-book, and an audio CD) as well as French, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi and Dyslexic using the OpenDyslexic font for children who may be experiencing difficulty learning to read.
I was introduced to a clinical psychology professor from Japan who was in Vancouver doing research work. Her focus is on the effects of children’s picture book and music therapy. I have had the opportunity to assist her in classrooms using the book and gain first hand insight into the response of children. She also believes the book is a grounding tool for people of all ages who have survived a traumatic life experience. She is now using the book with her graduate students and in her volunteer work with survivors of disasters.
The book can be special ordered globally through most bookstores. I am currently working on my 2nd & 3rd books More Things & Even More Things to be released in 2020.
The book was showcased at the 9th Picture Book Healing fundraising event for earthquake survivors at the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo. Dr. Masuda's students translated the book and along with Chance who currently lives in Japan, took turns reading each page alternately in both languages as the pages were projected on a large screen.  
2017 - Langley - Canada
A retired elementary school principal read Things That Happen By Chance to a group of students at a Ministry of Education "Ready Set Learn" event in the Delta school district.
2017 - Vancouver - Canada
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Toronto Catholic District School Board is a multi-cultural and multi-language learning community.  From research & experience they know that engaging students authentically leads to improved learning outcomes.  They have placed the book on an annotated list of reading materials recommended for purchase in their schools to support culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy. In addition, they are including the book when they showcase reading selections in their Equity Professional Learning sessions.
2018 - Toronto - Canada
Best Books To Give To New Employees
In the workplace often times it is the little things that new employees should be aware of so they can easily fit in with their co-workers. A great way to help is to give them a simple book to read in 10 minutes that will remind them of the things to do and not to do as a new employee. The roughly 30 simple life lessons in the book are delivered in a fun and entertaining way. Things That Happen By Chance is a book about taking a closer look at the little things in life and sharing simple life lessons with everyone. It was originally written as a children’s book but adults are finding it useful as a pleasant reminder of what to do and not to do in their daily lives.
2019 U.K.
Starter Books For ESL Students That Make English Simple Things That Happen By Chance is a children’s picture book which easily helps to prompt the reader of what the English words may say. Available in several languages with two sets of text on each page it helps readers of all ages cross over from their native language to English.
Foreign Language Books for Children Things That Happen By Chance is a children’s book about taking a closer look at the little things in life and sharing simple life lessons. It is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic and Dyslexic with more translations planned. The translated editions support dual language learning with both English and another language appearing on each page. By having two languages displayed the book is fun and enjoyable to read for both children and parents who may be fluent in one language but not the other.
2019 U.K.
2019 U.K.
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2019 U.K.
2019 U.K.
2019 U.K.
Beautiful Picture Books For Children Things That Happen By Chance picture book shares childhood photographs captured in moments of time of a real little boy named Chance. The book is about taking a closer look at the little things in life and sharing simple life lessons that are inclusive to all children.
5 Year Olds Should Read These Funny 8 BooksThings That Happen By Chance focuses on children learning and sharing simple life lessons. It is a perfect book with words and photographs for 5 years to read alone or with a parent or loved one. By reading the book together they can easily enjoy talking about the importance of learning these simple life lessons that they will use and share with others throughout their lifetime. The book also works as a great reminder for adults who often times forget to practice these simple life lessons in their own daily lives.
24 Best Ideas For A Creative Toddler Toddlers are at the age where they are just beginning to understand and explore their new world. Things That Happen by Chance is a children’s book about taking a closer look at the little things in life and sharing simple life lessons with children everywhere. The book is inclusive to all children no matter where they come from, where they live or their family structure, Both toddlers and caregivers alike will enjoy reading about a real little boy named Chance who is just like them, as he learns and shares his own life lessons in a fun and entertaining way.
8 Books To Read To Elementary Students (That Will Educate and Help them)Things That Happen By Chance which I authored is inclusive to all children no matter where you live, where you come from or your family structure. It is about taking a closer look at the little things in life and sharing simple life lessons with children everywhere. Lessons that include honesty, empathy, manners, respect, kindness, hygiene etc that are delivered in a fun and entertaining way by a real little boy.When a single copy of the book is read in a circle group of young elementary school children by an empathetic teacher it sparks great conversations as they openly discuss with one another their own thoughts, feelings and ideas with one another.
Review from a lady who lives in India: "I was going through this book yesterday and I believe that it is meant to be shared with those we care about. We have become so conditioned into disciplining our children with control and criticism we sometimes forget that the most profound lessons of life originate from love and acceptance."
2016 ·  India
I'm absolutely thrilled my book Things That Happen By Chance book has been selected and showcased in the Mom Blog Society 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.
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2019 - USA - Mom Blog Society
February 2020
I have had the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge while assisting Dr. Masuda in multi cultural classrooms with 3 – 5 year olds. What I discovered is that when the book is read in a circle group by an empathetic teacher it easily sparks great conversations among the children as they openly discuss with one another their own thoughts, ideas and feelings. In a group setting I found the children felt comfortable to offer their input to the various discussions. This allows the children to work out a collective resolve of any differences they may have at a very early age.
2018 - Vancouver - Canada
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2018 - Vancouver - Canada
I was asked by Dr. Masuda to read the book to a group of young mothers and their children at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre. It was an amazing experience for all of us simply because the lessons in the book are universal to everyone.
An audio CD is also available with Chance doing the narration. In the recording studio the sound engineer reworked his voice to sound similar to how he spoke as a child.
2018 - Vancouver - Canada
A member of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver has donated a copy of the book to the church. I am happy to say they have decided to add it to their library.
2018 - Vancouver - Canada
This isn’t just any regular book series. These books were created with children in mind. The series is actually from the viewpoint of a little boy and how he sees the world as well. As the children see all the fun pictures, it gives everyone in the family a chance to communicate about them and talk about other fun memories together, too.
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Princeton - BC Canada
The book was nicely displayed at the Winking Pedlar Gift Store in Princeton, BC.
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